Renée Rebelle

Renée Rebelle began her career as a classically trained ballet dancer. She has performed in jazz, modern, and contemporary ballet productions. Mz. Rebelle’s theatrical training and insurgent spirit led her to the world of cabaret in 2011. As a striptease artist, she delights in creating both glamorous classical and innovative neoclassical works. Rebelle is a fire starter in Philly's premier burlesque venues. She brings her own style of heat to the monthly show "La Maison Rose" at Franky Bradley's as an artist in residence. Most recently, she performed in the Prague Burlesque Festival, was a featured entertainer at the 2017 Wisconsin Burlesque Festival, won "Most Classic" at the 2017 Oklahoma City Burlesque Festival, and was a local headliner for the 2018 Philadelphia Burlesque Festival.