Kate Elfatah is co-founder and owner of The Looking Glass Revue. Kate has produced not only LGR and their successful running shows up and down the east coast, but she has also produced luxury lounges during the Sundance Film Festival. 

Her Social Film Loft in 2014 was frequented by top name celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan, Michael C. Hall and Elijah Wood, just to name a few. 

In 2015 she returned for EMERGE the Bang and Olufsen House during the Sundance Film Festival. She produced the lounge that inclued high level parties, junkets and panels that were attended by celebrities that included John Leguizamo, Tim Daly, David Arquette and Taylor Dayne. 

Kate continues to look for new projects to produce. Her focus is on taking The Looking Glass Revue to new heights. 

In 2017 her short film documentary, Small Town Diamonds about the Troupe, premiered during the Cannes Film Festival in Cannes, France. Kate produced and directed the film.

Kate recently became the Live Entertainment Contributor at along with being a partner in 2GingTV and producer and developer of The Glitter Lowdown a web series that looks at the behind the scenes down and dirty of Troupe life premiering Spring 2019. 

Kate is the owner of HoM Consulting, a digital marketing firm located in Bethlehem, PA. She also was the owner and designer of House of Minerva Designs