Meet The Looking Glass Revue Chorus Girls:

The Hush A Bye Babes

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The Looking Glass Revue is proud to announce an exciting addition to our ever growing Troupe. Please welcome our vintage chorus ladies, The Hush-A-Bye Babes. These ladies are trained in a variety of dance disciplines and are set to take you on a magical journey through the romantic bygone era of yesteryear. 

The Hush-A-Bye Babes will be featured in group dances and will have a special role in supporting our resident Burlesque Performers under the direction and choreography of Artistic Director, Mika Romantic. 

The Looking Glass Revue is dedicated to the preservation of vintage adult entertainment. Taking inspiration from the glamorous musical numbers of old Hollywood, our cheeky ladies will have your heart a flutter with delight.  From the Charleston to Beatnik, get ready to fall head over heels!