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A Weekend Intensive Workshop for

Belly Dance and Burlesque

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We are pleased to bring you a one-of-kind event that infuses the sensual art forms of Bellydance and Burlesque. Join top performers in the industry for a special 3-day intensive workshop, packed full of classes, lectures and a student showcase Gala. These dance styles share similar movements and focus on the beauty of the feminine form in motion. Bring your inner goddess and get ready to learn how to brand your art for success while learning from award winning professionals. This workshop is open to all levels, genders and body types.


What You Will Get:

  • Over 20 HOURS of lectures, dance classes and workshops
  • First 20 guaranteed performance spot at our Gala
  • Entrance to our Gala
  • One on one feedback
  • Professional photos of the experience/performance by Grainne Images
  • Goodie/Swag Bag

This workshop will:

  • Develop your self esteem
  • Develop your artistic ability
  • Assist you in growing as an artist
  • Expand your knowledge base
  • Allows you to work with like minded individuals and network
  • Come learn in a safe and supportive environment
  • Stage time (for the first 20 that register for our Gala Event)



Weekend Schedule of events/classes


  • 6-8pm – Happy Hour Lecture: This will be an evening kick off event where Mika and Princess can discuss the origins of Burlesque and Belly Dance. Location TBD for this event (Allentown/Bethlehem area)


  • 11-12pm – Business/Marketing Lecture: Nourhan Sharif - Nourhan will talk about the entertainment business with her years of traveling globally as a professional. Learn some inside secrets from her and how you can turn your talent into profits! Kate Elfatah - Kate will take you through all that you will need to know to gear up on your social media efforts. You are your best advertiser. Most producers look for how you engage on social media, don't be left behind. 
  • 12-1pm – Lunch Break
  • 1-2pm – Hair and Makeup for Stage and Camera : Mika, Princess, Nourhan and Kate - Learn some basics for hair and makeup for shows, photoshoots and auditions.  Special Guest: Grainne Thorpe of Grainne Images, professional burlesque, pinup and vintage photographer. Grainne is known for her live entertainment photography.
  • 2-4pm – Mika Class : Burlesque 101 - Hone in and ooze confidence with the basics of Burlesque. With struts, bumps, big faces, and making the most of your entrances & exits. Tassel Twirling, Glove Peels, dancing in heels, bumps and grinds. 
  • 4-6pm – Princess Class - Abs-olutely Fabulous: All Abdominal Technique -It’s time to BELLY dance…This workshop will focus exclusively abdominal technique  and core strength and laying the foundation for truly incredible abdominal work. Learn how to flutter and achieve amazing   belly rolls- we’ll drill rolls upwards, downwards and from side to side! You will also learn to  LAYER your abdominal movements, like the amazing “flundulation”, a flutter layered over a belly roll; or combining abdominal work with figure eights and upper torso isolations. Also: stomach pops, many types of body waves and undulations, muscular and  breathe control. Pretty soon you’ll be yellin’, “That’s Just How I Roll!” 


  • 12-1pm – Nourhan and Princess Class - Black and White: Egyptian Golden Age Style -The Golden Age of Egyptian Cinema  refers to the  period from the late 1930’s through the early 1960’s. Many of the films  film created during this time were lavishly produced romantic musicals full of wonderful music and featured exquisite dancers like Naima Akef, Samia Gamal and Tahia Carioca. Even though the all the stars had  unique personal style, they all had that “Oriental  essence”: softness, fluidity, subtle movements. After a brief history of the Golden Age and it’s stars, you will learn signature moves from Naima Akef,  Samia Gamal, and Tahia Carioca. We will run combinations to vintage music from The Golden Age, such as the work of Farid Al Atrache,  Mohamed Abdel Wahab,  and the great Um Kalthoum.
  • 1-2pm – Lunch Break
  • 2-4pm – Mika Class - Down-n-Dirty - Get raunchy and get down and low! Bump, grind, and swizzle your way to the floor and become the sex tigress you know you are! Dance class focusing on erotic floor work. Get up and down gracefully. Small dance combo will be taught using floor work.
  • 4-5pm – Gala performers only review or help
  • 9pm – Gala Show @ Allentown Brew Works


  • 12-4pm (with breaks) - Mika and Princess Farhana Combo Class - Playing with Musicality and Props: Whether it is Burlesque or Belly Dance, understanding musicology is important. Through a series of dance exercises, learn to move freely through music without choreography, but still hitting the memorable moments of your act music.  Mika and Princess Farhana will also take you through the use of common props like boas and veils.
  • 4-5pm - One on One feedback/Q&A time with Mika, Princess, Nourhan and Kate



All workshops/classes will be held at The Yoga Loft: 521 E. Fourth St., 3rd Fl. / Bethlehem, PA 18015

Our opening night and Gala event will be held at The Allentown Brew Works 


Payments Options:

Early Bird registration HAS NOW ENDED. 

Regular Registration – $450 August 16th-October 10th

Installment Plan Available

  • $150 Dep due NOW

  • $150 September 15, 2018

  • $150 October 10, 2018


Historic Behthlehem and the surrounding Lehigh Valley have many hotels along with AIRBNB to choose from. 

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